I need your help – and it could cost you nothing!

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Hi there!

It’s Beth here. I’m the Founder of Let’s Talk About Loss and if you haven’t realised already, I’m pretty passionate about helping young people who have been bereaved. It seems like a weird thing to be excited about, but having been bereaved myself, I know how hard it is and how lonely you can feel without the right support.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t been bereaved, maybe you’re thinking: Let’s Talk About Loss is awesome but it’s not something I can have anything to do with. And that’s where you’re wrong! If you believe in my cause and want to help other young people talk through the taboos in society and address their grief in a healthy way, you could get involved with Let’s Talk About Loss by supporting us financially!

You can give money without giving any money!

Yep, you read that right. There is an awesome way to fundraise without actually giving a penny of your money to me. Want to know how? It’s called GoRaise, and it’s a fab initiative where every time you buy something online, you can support a cause as the retailer will give back a certain percentage to charity. You can book a holiday with lastminute.com, buy books from waterstones.com or book your trains using trainline.com – and each purchase you make, the retailer will give Let’s Talk About Loss some money. Not your money, their money!

Interested in supporting Let’s Talk About Loss without spending any cash at all? Sign up to GoRaise, select Let’s Talk About Loss as your cause, and activate the donation reminder – that way, every time you shop online, you’ll be reminded if the retailer could give some money, and with no hassle at all, you’ll be making the exact same purchase, but supporting Let’s Talk About Loss at the same time!

Click this link to open a new tab that will tell you all about the fabulous GoRaise…

What about if you want to give me some of your money?

Well that is just lovely of you. Thank you so much! It would be incredible if you could support Let’s Talk About Loss with a donation – and I’ve started a Crowdfunder to try and raise a whopping £1000 for this growing support network. That sort of money would be totally life-changing for Let’s Talk About Loss, but it only works out at £1 each if everyone reading this post gave! So could you spare £1 to give us the start-up boost we need?

Click this link to open a new tab that will take you to our Crowdfunder page – thanks for your support!

Want to come to an awesome event in Nottingham?

In July, the fundraising efforts for Let’s Talk About Loss get glamourous as I host a stunning black-tie ball in Nottingham, with three-course meal, incredible entertainment and a live auction with amazing prizes! Profits from the event will be supporting two incredible causes: Let’s Talk About Loss of course, and Child.org, a charity helping mothers and babies in Kenya. It will be an awesome night and you’ll be raising money for great causes while having a fabulous time. More details will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

Do you have a good idea?

Running Let’s Talk About Loss is a joy and privilege but it’s also hard work! I couldn’t do it by myself and as the support network expands, I’ll be looking for people to join the team and help out. But for now, if you have an idea that could help this soon-to-be charity get bigger and better, let me know! I’m always on the lookout for new, unique, interesting ideas and I’d love to hear yours. Email me at hello@letstalkaboutloss.org or drop me a message on Facebook!

And finally, thank you!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supports Let’s Talk About Loss, whether it’s by reading all the posts, liking them all on Instagram, sending me wonderful messages of support, or by giving financially to start this venture off. It really is amazing and I couldn’t do it without you. What started as a healing project for me is helping transform the lives of people all over the country, showing them that they are not alone and that support it out there. I’m so proud to be making that little bit of change and I know my mum is smiling down on me too.

Big love to you all x