Life after losing a sibling

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The amazing Holly Clark writes a powerful blog at all about the reality of sibling grief. Holly lost her sister Emy when she was only 17, and is determined to use her voice to help other young people. She’s a true inspiration to me – please read and share this blog post and visit Holly’s site to read more of her story.

I lost my sister at the age of 17, she was 18. She beat cancer twice and yet science failed her, after complications to a stem cell transplant she passed after 415 days post transplant. She set up a blog ‘remission possible’ during her treatment to help other teenagers with cancer, like her.

Nearly two years after her death I decided to set up a blog of my own. Using the success of her own blog as my inspiration, but using my own experiences to help others. Grief is something I have become very familiar with. I talk very openly about Emily, I love people asking me questions, I’m extremely proud of her and being able to call her my sister.

“I want to be that voice for other grieving teens who feel they are alone”

I want to stop death being a taboo subject. People shouldn’t avoid the topic, it is a part of our lives and often the ones grieving feel they can’t talk about the loved one they lost because of not wanting to make friends feel awkward or push them away.

I set up my blog ‘Remembering Emy’ to reach out to teenagers like me, following in my sister’s footsteps. I want to be that voice for other grieving teens who feel they are alone and can’t speak up. I feel alone, I don’t know anyone in a similar situation as I am in, since setting this blog up a month ago I’ve had an overwhelming response from people who can relate, a lot of ways I grieve I felt ‘it’s just me’. I didn’t think it was a ‘normal’ response to losing someone but through my blog I found so many people agree and felt the same way, so as well as helping others, the blog has helped me with my experience of grief.

Please read my blog and contact me if you want to share your own experiences with grief and loss.

Love, Holly

Visit Holly’s website to find out more about her story. If you would like your blog to be featured, email and we’ll be in touch!