Happy Crappy Christmas from Katie and Let’s Talk About Loss

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Today, Saturday 19th December, Let’s Talk About Loss is running a day of events called ‘Happy Crappy Christmas’. For young adults who are grieving, Christmas is not always a joyful time, and we want to create a safe space to acknowledge that.

If you’d like to join any of our Happy Crappy Christmas events today, from 2pm – 10pm, click this link for all the details.

In this blog, our Norwich co-Host Katie writes a short letter about her relationship with Christmas.

Despite my lengthy relationship with grief, Christmas 2020 feels unwelcomely difficult.

During lockdown, the world was in a familiar state of grief; millions of people separated from loved ones, longing for a sense of normality. Whilst everyone carried the sadness that comes with missing relatives, I finally felt connected. I no longer felt on the outside. Although temporary, everyone was closer to understanding what living with loss was like.

This year, with Christmas pending and lockdown lifting, I feel a growing sense of anxiety and dread. As families prepare to unite and share the magic of togetherness this Christmas, I wonder how many of us feel on the outside again?

As a 30-year-old orphan I’ll be alone on Christmas day. I have opted to work the night shift in my local hospital as I’m thankful for the company it brings. Selfishly, on boxing day morning, when I am driving back home, I hope to feel a sense of relief that its over. This year, as Boris sets to unite families, it is a reminder that no one can unite mine, and that is painful.

Christmas is hard for all who have experienced loss. Fellow young orphans and all of us in the grief community, HAPPY CRAPPY CHRISTMAS!

We are in this corner together.

Katie, Norwich Let’s Talk About Loss co-host