We’ve launched our own range of bereavement cards!

We’re so excited to have worked with amazing illustrator Zoe Guy on a range of bereavement cards, with all proceeds going directly to Let’s Talk About Loss.

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A colourful collection of bereavement cards laid out on a table

These cards have been created for you to give to a friend or family member who has been bereaved, or is simply having a tough time, to show them how much you care.

There are no grey, rainy skies, no cuddly teddy bears, and no cliched messages. They are simple and beautiful, and convey exactly what you want to say.

Each card is sold with a beautiful matching envelope, and contains an insert that gives you tips and advice for writing a bereavement card. We know that writing cards to your grieving pals can be really hard, and it’s difficult to know what to say when the unthinkable happens.

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