Welcome to the Grief Club

We are so excited to have signed a contract with Jessica Kingsley Publishers for a book called ‘Welcome to the Grief Club’ (working title). The publication will be a book of edited chapters, in the form of letters from 18-35s who have been bereaved. The subtitle of the book is ‘Letters to Our Newly Bereaved Selves’, which hopefully explains that the letters are to be written to your past self with any words of hope, wisdom, pain, anger and support. It really is a very open brief and we hope we will receive back a real range of ideas in response to this call for letters.

How to apply to contribute to the book

We have put together a form to collect applications to contribute. The form is all about you as a writer and the letter you would like to submit. It is a way for the book’s project manager to gather information which will then help the editing team to be able to choose which authors we’d like to submit a letter for volume 1 of this book.

We are not expecting you to have written the letter yet, but we will be asking for your ideas for your letter.

Please note that by submitting this form there is no guarantee that your letter will be chosen for the book and we hope that you’ll understand that with the high level of response we will get that it is never our intent to invalidate your grief, deny your feelings or reject your experience. We are expecting to have a near-impossible job in the selection process and will be thinking about ways to include as many submissions as possible – online in our blog or maybe even in a second volume.

The deadline for submitting this form (not your letter!) is Monday 30th November 2020. You don’t need to fill it in straight away, as it’s not a first-come, first-served process. Take a look through now at the questions and don’t forget to come back and fill in the form before the 30th November.

To be one of the writers for the book you need to have been bereaved and be aged between 18-35. If you have accessibility needs and would like to submit a form, please get in touch and we will facilitate an easier method for you to submit.

Fill in the form

Click here to fill in the form. It will open in a new tab, in Google Forms.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to chat to us about anything, please email hello@letstalkaboutloss.org. Thanks!