We are thrilled to release our podcast Living with Loss for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. Created and produced with the amazing mental health campaigner Abbie Mitchell, we are really proud of this work. (Also check out Abbie’s other projects – she is one seriously amazing woman!)

The links to each podcast is below, along with a short description of each episode so you can be mindful of anything that might be triggering.

Of course, lockdown has changed the way we had originally planned this series, but we’re pleased to release these five episodes for Mental Health Awareness Week and we are so thankful to all the guests we spoke to. We’d love to do more, so watch this space – once things are back to normal we will continue talking about loss!

Episode 1: Abbie and Beth

Introducing the cohosts of Living with Loss! Both Abbie and Beth lost their mothers at different stages in their lives and in this episode draw on their experiences of how their grief has changed over the years. They also explore the differences between the types of their losses, cancer and suicide.

Episode 2: Mu’izz, Toni and Tobi

Abbie and Beth meet Mu’izz and his cousins Tobi and Toni, who are siblings, to share their experiences of losing aunts and grandparents. The group explore their loss and discuss how age, culture, family roles and gender stereotypes can impact on how young people experience grief.

Episode 3: Alex

Abbie and Beth meet stand-up comedian and writer Alex, who shares his journey of losing his cousin and what the aftermath of loss can look like in the Greek Cypriot community. This episode explores mental health, sexuality and discusses suicide and the sensationalism often associated with death.

Episode 4: Cait, Kyla and Matty

Abbie and Beth meet Cait, Kyla and Matty, a group of young people who have all lost one or more siblings. The group discusses their personal experiences with sibling loss and how they remember their loved ones and cope on significant days.

Episode 5: Hannah

Abbie and Beth meet Hannah, who talks through her bereavement journey after she lost her father, who she had a difficult relationship with. This episode gives insight into what it is like to grieve when there was a complex relationship, mental health issues and what helps as we live with grief.

  • Abbie and Beth sat at the table smiling at the camera
  • Abbie, Mu'izz, Tobi, Toni and Beth all smile at the camera
  • Beth, Alex and Abbie stand against a wall and smile at the camera
  • Cait stands with her hands on her back, smiling at the camera
  • Kyla takes a selfie with a world map in the background and wearing a stripy top
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  • Hannah takes a selfie with her hand on her hip wearing a black rollneck jumper

A huge thank you as always to designer Emma Rees who made the beautiful Living with Loss logo. You can see more of Emma’s work here.