The Share My Grief Project was born out of an idea Cait Gerry had after her brother Simon died in April 2019. Named after her brother’s initials, SMG, Cait struggled to find people to talk to that understood her sibling loss.

Share My Grief started out as a bereaved sibling’s pen pal project, where anyone, of any age, who has lost a sibling, can complete a short confidential questionnaire about their loss. You are then paired up with someone who has a similar circumstance – whether you’ve selected to be paired by age, location, bereavement experience is totally up to you.

We have now extended this to include people bereaved of a parent, and are looking for more volunteers to help Cait with organising the project.

Cait is the wonderful Project Lead for Share My Grief, and you can email her at

Click here to fill in the sibling loss questionnaire for Share My Grief and get linked to another bereaved sibling.

Click here to complete the parent loss questionnaire and get linked to another person bereaved of a parent.

More about Cait

Originally from Plymouth, 22 year old Cait now lives in Cardiff and works as a freelance Stage Manager. She lost her brother Simon in April 2019 and aims to use the Share My Grief project to help people in similar situations connect with one another when a sibling is lost. As well as theatre, Cait has a love for dogs and can be often found dog walking at the Cardiff rescue home!

A photo of Cait Gerry, Project Lead for Share My Grief

Bereaved pals – we love you and we know how horrible your loss is. We hope Share My Grief, as well as our meet ups, can help. Let’s talk about loss, together.