Grief workshops

At Let’s Talk About Loss, we run monthly meet ups across the UK, as well as one off events, projects and collaborations. While the lockdown continues, we want to offer as many virtual events as possible, and we’re asking lots of wonderful creative people to help us out.

Debbie Oyewole, also known as @_wordsofmeraki, is a spoken word artist who has experienced grief. She has recorded an amazing workshop to inspire you to try spoken word as a way to process your loss. We hope you find this helpful for the creative process of bereavement. 

The amazing Bridget Hamilton, who attends our Newcastle meet up group, has kindly recorded a workshop, teaching us how to creatively write about grief. It’s 30 minutes long so grab a pen, paper and a cuppa and enjoy this brilliant workshop. We’ve also created a Facebook group for those interested in pursuing more creative writing about grief, so join in and share your work!

We are so thankful to Henika Patel, from Lessons Learnt Daily, for filming this yoga for grief workshop video. Over 50 minutes, the video includes restorative and yin yoga postures and a guided meditation for grief and loss. Follow Henika on Instagram or her website here.

Support our Crowdfunder

We’re raising funds to keep offering our services in 2022. If you could spare a few pounds, every donation will be doubled by the National Emergencies Trust, so please do donate if you can!