Inspiring books on grief

Books have many powers – they can inspire us, challenge us, educate us and entertain us. Books can also be a huge source of comfort, and if you are grieving, a book can be a great place to start your journey of processing the grief. You can pick it up and put it down whenever you need to, and we’re sure that you’ll be silently nodding along as you resonate with the words you read.

We've written a book!

We asked over 50 young grievers to write letters to their newly bereaved selves.

A promotional graphic for a new book, which is called Letters from the Grief Club. There is a quote next to the cover image of the book, which reads: "The book on grief you wish you could have had on that awful first day..."
A photo of Ryan, a white man wearing a black t-shirt, proudly holding his copy of Letters from the Grief Club
A photo of June, a woman, holding the book Letters from the Grief Club in front of her face. You can see a big smile behind the book.
A photo of Jessi, sat in a powered wheelchair, wearing funky blue dungarees and proudly holding her copy of Letters from the Grief Club
A selfie of Chloe, a white woman, proudly posing with her copy of Letters from the Grief Club.

Join our book club to discuss the best grief books with us...

We meet online once a month to discuss different grief books. Some are fiction with grief themes, others are written by counsellors or experts, and some are memoirs. We have a Facebook group to share recommendations and thoughts, and many of our Book Club members share reviews on our blog!

“Books are a uniquely portable magic"

- Stephen King