Welcome to Let’s Talk About Loss, a safe space to talk through taboos and address the reality of losing someone close to you when you are young.

The aim is to help young people who have lost a loved one feel less alone and less consumed by their grief. Every loss is unique and can be hard to understand – by sharing our stories, we support each other.

We run peer-led meet up groups in cities across the UK for young people aged 18-35 who have been bereaved at any stage. We believe that by meeting other young people who have experienced loss, we can share our stories and our struggles without fear, judgement or awkward silences. We’d love you to join us – find out more here!

If you want to read my story to understand why I set up Let’s Talk About Loss, you can find it here. To have your story featured as a blog post on this website, email hello@letstalkaboutloss.org – I’d love to hear your thoughts.