Hi! Let's talk.

Welcome to Let’s Talk About Loss, a safe space to talk through taboos and address the reality of losing someone close to you when you are young.

How can we help?

We run meet ups across the UK for young people aged 18-35 encouraging everyone to talk about grief. 77% of 18-35 year olds have experienced grief yet 39% feel “uncomfortable” talking about it. Our meet ups are here to help: 100% of respondents said they wanted to attend another meet up again soon!

Join one of our peer-led meet up groups in cities across the UK. We believe that by meeting other young people who have experienced loss, we can share our stories and our struggles without fear, judgement or awkward silences.

Have you seen the news? We've published a book!

"Let's Talk About Loss is the best ‘therapy’ I’ve received and has been the most helpful thing in my grief journey"

87% of attendees told us that the meet up had been positive for their grief. Want to join in?

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