Men Talk About Loss

We’re passionate about ensuring that men can talk about their loss. 

Our 2022 survey found that 18-35 year old men (37%) were more likely than women (28%) to feel that talking to people from the same or similar backgrounds was important in easing the process of talking about death. One-fifth of men in this age group (22%) feel that talking specifically to other men about grief would help them to open up.

Liam, from Hertfordshire, said “Being a man and going through the process of grief has its own set of challenges. It adds an extra layer of judgement when it comes to opening up, and that’s something I’ve had a hard time with since day one.”

How you can get involved

A graphic with details of the Men Talk About Loss event in London. The date is 28th November, the time is 7pm - 8.30pm and the venue is the Lucky Saint pub. It also has photos of the panel members Shocka, a black man, and Ben West, a white man.

We absolutely loved meeting on 28th November for our first ever Men Talk About Loss event. If you joined us, we’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve and grow. 

Thank you to The Lucky Saint, Shocka, Ben West and our volunteers Joss, Liam and Jon for making the event a huge success! 

A photo of Kieran, a white man, standing up on a surfboard

In 2024, we’re starting a virtual (Zoom) meet up specifically for men. If you’re interested, please click above to complete the form with your details. We’ll then be in touch once the meet up starts (with no pressure for you to join).

When we met on 28th November, lots of you told us that you’d prefer in-person meet ups to virtual ones. You are so welcome to join any of our meet ups across the UK which are face-to-face, and we’ll do everything we can to put on in-person events throughout 2024, too!

A photo of Callum, looking at the camera while wearing glasses and a white t-shirt.

Glasgow Host and LTAL volunteer Callum is passionate about starting a conversation around grief with men. He has been interviewing some grieving guys about their experience and you can watch / listen to the interviews on our YouTube channel – click the button above to view them!

If you have questions or would like to submit an idea for our Men Talk About Loss campaign, please complete this form: