Are you aged 18-35 and have been bereaved? If so, we would love to invite to one of our meet ups.

We have over 35 meet ups across the UK that meet once a month to talk about loss in a safe, fun, relaxed space.

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Our meet ups are not support groups or counselling sessions. They are simply a group of young people, all with something in common, who meet up to talk honestly and openly with each other. There are no hard chairs, no sitting in circles, and no talking about “the sad stuff” unless you want to.

Please note our meet ups are only for people aged 18-35 who have been bereaved. If you fall outside the age bracket, please get in touch and we will give you more information about what support is available.

Search on the map for your local meet up or keep scrolling and click on your region

      Please note: if there is no meet up close to your location, you can join our online meet up group! It’s open to anyone, anywhere, who is 18-35 and bereaved.

      "It's really made me realise that although grief is so unique, young grievers have so much in common." - Emma, Exeter

      Still thinking about whether to join a meet up? You will make new friends, realise you are not alone and speak openly to people who understand. If you would like to chat to someone before attending, or ask any questions, do get in touch! Alternatively, why not follow us on social media to find out more and stay up to date? We’re @talkaboutloss on socials.

      Get in touch - we love a chat