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Please note: Closed captioning is available on Zoom, and please feel free to email with any accessibility requirements and we will do our very best to accommodate.

A photo of two men chatting with each other. One man has brown skin, a dark gilet over a blue shirt and glasses. The other has white skin and is wearing a white t-shirt over a black long sleeved t-shirt

How to join the meet up

Who can attend this group?

This meet up is for anyone who:

  1. Is aged 18 – 35
  2. Has been bereaved of a person at any time in their life
  3. Identifies as male (this includes cisgender men and transgender men)

If you do not identify as male, we have an Online meet up open for everyone. More details here.

If you would prefer an in-person meet up, we have lots of groups across the UK. More details on those here.

Why an online group?

We want to make this group as accessible as possible, so we’re starting online and meeting on Zoom. We hope in the future, as the group grows, to have meet up groups in person specifically for young grievers who identify as male.

Join our Facebook group

The Zoom links are always shared in the Men’s Online Facebook group – it’s a safe space only for those who have been bereaved, and you’ll be able to find out all the latest information about the meet ups. Request to join by clicking here.

Email us

If you don’t have access to Facebook, that’s no problem! Email us for the Zoom link or to chat about the next Men’s Online meet up. Our email is or you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Meet your Men's Online group Hosts

A photo of Liam, a white man with brown hair, standing on a balcony and smiling at the camera

Liam is 26 and has lived in Greater Manchester for almost 8 years after moving there for University in 2018. In his spare time he’s a keen runner, loves to settle down with a good book and enjoys cooking and trying new foods! Liam lost his Mum when he was 9 years old and wanted to join Let’s Talk About Loss to help others through their grief journey and show that you’re not alone.

A photo of Colin, a white man with a strawberry blonde beard and hair. He wears glasses and smiles at the camera

Colin is a Canadian scientist in London. Shortly after moving to the UK in 2018, Colin’s wife passed away. He enjoys volunteering and working with people. He’s also an avid fencer and loves the outdoors.

We can't wait to meet you! Email to chat

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