“I kept my battles and struggles to myself”: Joe Bellman

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Joe and Raphi sit facing each other at a table speaking into podcast microphones

Recently, we connected with Joe Bellman on Instagram (@joebellman), and we loved his honest videos about grief. In this blog post, we’ve linked just a few of his YouTube videos and we would hugely recommend you head over to Joe’s channel and watch/subscribe for more amazing grief content!

Head over to Joe’s YouTube channel here.

Understanding grief: an honest conversation

In this video, Joe introduces his grief, and talks about the fact that he was “lonely and lost in [his] head, and needed someone to talk to”. He says he didn’t reach out because he didn’t think people “would understand”. Such a great video – as Joe says, this is important stuff so please give this video and watch and listen to what Joe has to say!

Male mental health: an honest conversation with Raphi Auret

In this incredible video, Joe sits down with Raphi and they chat about mental health. As Raphi says at the start, he can’t think of any other YouTube videos he has seen of “two men sitting down, face-to-face, talking about emotions and feelings”. There is a huge need for more of these videos – well done Joe and Raphi for such an important and inspirational conversation.

5 things not to say to someone who is grieving

In the final video we’re featuring today, Joe – who lost his mum 8 months ago – thinks about some of the things people have said to him that have been unhelpful for his grief. Everyone has different experiences of grief, so you might disagree with some of Joe’s thoughts, but it’s still so helpful to hear what he has to say and think about how we can all get better at saying the right thing to our grieving pals.

Subscribe to Joe’s channel here

That’s just a few of the videos Joe has on his YouTube account, so do subscribe and follow his conversations. It’s so helpful especially that Joe, as a guy, is talking about his loss so openly and we are huge fans. Thanks Joe!

We love sharing stories from grieving young people to show that you are not alone at this time. If you have a story you’d like to share, please get in touch.