Reflection and Refraction // Fardokht Khorsandjamal

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Fardokht Khorsandjamal sent us a few poems from her upcoming anthology, Reflection and Refraction, which we are delighted to share on our blog. This poetry is incredible and we’ll certainly be getting a copy of the whole book! The link to buy the book is at the bottom of this blog.


Just seven steps,

A small number to climb

But these are the most challenging and rewarding

steps we can and will take if we choose to move forward

To keep going

Steps sadly worn away they are so well trodden,

Steep stone platforms that have become smooth and

slippery with age, treacherous for even the most well

accomplished navigator

A familiar journey that never seems to ease,

A different ache each time,

A path borne of pain

I seek encouragement in the knowledge of where they

lead to,

In the hands at my back as they urge and support me

to carry on

To not fall back

To continue toward a place of peace


The Room

I enter into sunlit, warm, anguish,

Shrouded in silence

The clock is ticking,

Somewhere, tears begin to fall behind the closed door

I move to sit, slow and heavy

It’s not you anymore



I would have you haunt me forever, if it meant

having just something



If only that masked mischief maker would

soundlessly dance out of my dreams and into reality,

To only have to tap and change the nightmare that

consumes me when I wake



Just when I felt like I wouldn’t stop falling,

I began to fly


Fardokht Khorsandjamal


If you would like to buy Fardokht’s anthology of poetry, it’s available now on Amazon. Click the link below to purchase or preview: