Calling all Nottingham-based young people! Our meet ups in Nottingham have been running since March 2018 and they are really fun! We meet once a month, and we would love you to join us.

There is a growing group of us, aged between 18 and 35, and we’ve all lost different people in unique circumstances.

Everyone is welcome and we’d love to meet you – there is no pressure to tell us anything about your loss, in fact, we often don’t talk about it! Instead we just spend time enjoyed each other’s company and exploring the beautiful city of Nottingham.

Upcoming dates

Tuesday 9 June, 8pm-9pm @ Zoom

For our next Nottingham meet up, we’re meeting on Zoom and sharing positive things that have been happening during lockdown, and supporting each other with the things that haven’t been so positive.

Join us on Zoom at 8pm on Thursday 4th June:

Meeting ID: 713 3238 1066
Password: LTAL

Lizzie, one of the Hosts in Nottingham, wrote the following:

“We thought it would be lovely if you wanted to share a positive from your time in lockdown. We understand that you may have been feeling bored, frustrated or lonely. You may also be low, worried or anxious, or concerned about your finances, your health or those close to you. As part of my new routine, I think about my ‘rose’ and ‘thorn’ of each day to make sure I take time to reflect when days seem to be going by – what was the highlight of your day? (rose), what could have gone better during your day? (thorn). We thought at our meet up we can think about the successes we have encountered, whilst managing all the challenges we have had over the past few months. This could be managing to get out of pyjamas once a week or mastering sourdough! We have several new members to the group, so it will be a lovely opportunity to share more about ourselves.”

Join our Facebook group

If you’re aged 18-35, have been bereaved, and live in Nottingham, you can join our Facebook group for people who have been to, or are wanting to come to, a meet up. It’s a safe space only for those who have been bereaved, and you’ll be able to find out all the latest information about the meet ups. Request to join by clicking here.


Your hosts in Nottingham are Lizzie and Will, who have been coming along to the meet ups since they started.

Lizzie is a 29 year old forensic psychologist from Nottingham. She is experienced in assessing and working with a range of complex needs including personality disorder, mental health, trauma, and violence. She is extremely passionate about supporting those in crisis and is committed to challenging stigma and promoting compassion, support and empathy. She is also a Samaritans Safeguarding Officer, and provides suicide awareness training to individuals across the UK.

Will is a 21 year old student at Nottingham Trent University studying furniture design. He enjoys being active and watching sports, and exploring new areas of Nottingham. He loves helping run the meet ups in Nottingham – mostly because he loves winding Lizzie up about how short she is. (please note: the below photo is not quite the real height difference, although it’s not far off the truth)

Lizzie and Will are happy to grab a coffee before the meet up, if you’d rather get to know them before coming along. You can chat to them, ask them questions or send them your best jokes by emailing

Will I fit in?

The short answer is: yes!

Want to hear from some of the people who come along to the group? Here’s what they had to say:

“The group is full of like-minded people who know the feelings you have experienced – so they can provide the best support”

“It sounds weird but the group is so fun! Not what you would expect from a grief-related group, but we really have a laugh and hardly ever talk about “the sad stuff”. I’ve found a group of friends who I can be totally myself with – and that is awesome”

“It can be very helpful being around people who have similar experiences to you”

Want to see what we get up to?

Here we are messing around at Wollaton Park and going for an evening stroll down the River Trent. We’re a group of young people exploring Nottingham and having fun, knowing that whenever we need support, we have a place to talk.

We know that coming along to a group for bereaved young people can be really scary, but we really are just completely normal people having fun and taking terrible selfies. Email us if you want to join in.